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This is a picture of a home in Castries, Saint Lucia. I took it in my last few days there while in a cab. My family and I traveled here for my brother’s wedding. During my time there, we took all the touristic excursions we could and hung out at our resort. It made me feel so uncomfortable to go to such a beautiful island with incredibly intriguing history and culture to be using it as a product. On all of my tours of the island, I saw the magnificent twin Piton mountains, the historic Soufrière, and extensive flora all around. But while I was being driven in the taxi cab was the only time I saw things like this. I was a tourist, not a human being. I was a consumer.

It’s just something about this picture that I find beautiful and sad. 

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Creole fish stew from  St lucia west indies.

check the content source for recipe :)


Castries at night <3

can’t wait to go back!!


Our Lady of Fatima

Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy.


Okay, I’m adding this to my bucket list!  Ladera Resort, St. Lucia.

Sooo been dying to have my honeymoon there since I was a kid…even though I’m from St.Lucia it’s that worth it!

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Pigeon Point, St. Lucia

Music is Definitely Alive in St. Lucia Schools

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SLU Tunnel :-)

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i miss st lucia.

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An International dialogue and training on Lesbian/Gays /Bi sexual and Transvestite’s Human rights got underway Monday at the Bay Gardens Hotel. This is the first time such an event is being held in the Caribbean region. The event which was hosted by United and Strong and ARC International are hoping that such an event can help educate persons and ultimately lead to the amendments of legislation which make homosexuality illegal. The grouping is meantime calling on governments to make a commitment to the humanity and citizenship of gays and lesbians. The International workshop took place Monday at the Bay Gardens Hotel.

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